Planet Earth Day in Dimona

Planet Earth Day in Dimona
SDN joined the Municipality of Dimona to organize "Planet Earth Day". The result: Dimona was classified in 3rd place (along with Tel-Aviv) with active participation for the Planet Earth Day.
Marked participation by Dimona residents was registered on Planet Earth Day that was celebrated on Thursday 23.4.09  in a number of Israeli cities. In this Dimona residents illustrated that environment is close to their hearts.
The participation of Dimona residents in Planet Earth Day is only a small part of the overall activity for sustainable development  in Dimona, which has been organized and implemented by SDN in conjunction with the Municipality of Dimona since 2006 . Planet Earth Day was chosen as a commencement event for the environment program in the Dimona education system, which declared this year as the "Green Year". An entire program for the entire year was developed on "Environmental Quality". The program was initiated and planned with the Head of the Municipal Department of Education and Welfare Moshe Nahum and organized by Eti Ben-Simol of SDN and Eti Yitzhak, head of Eshkol HaPa'is (National Lottery).
During Environment Week the Dimona Municipality, "Eshkol HaPa'is" and SDN recruited as many Dimona residents as possible to help out in the project, especially during "Planet Earth Hour" during which all household lights were turned off for one full hour. SDN and Avi Ben-Zikari, spokesman for the Municipality, approached all public institutions in the City, including banks, businesses, etc. and received an over-whelming response. In addition a letter, signed by the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the Head of the Department of Education and Welfare, was given to all students in Dimona, from preschools to high schools, in which they were personally requested to turn off the lights in their homes. The "Zinman" School has set up an information booth in the city center to sign the environmental pact and recruited passers-by to participate. Ran Riese, youth coordinator for the City Community Center, assisted in recruiting young people and was in charge of producing the main event. The "Ya'adim" Center organized the "Give-Take Market" with an emphasis on the environment where people could take and give clothes, small electrical appliances, books and toys.
The main event organized especially for the young people took place on Thursday, at the "Eshkol HaPa'is" Center about an hour before the "Planet Earth Hour"LIGHTS-OUT. Hundreds of young people from Dimona high schools and youth movements attended the event. In the lobby of the "Eshkol HaPa'is" Center was an exhibit on Global Warming, its ramifications and recommended solutions. Moshe Hom, head of the Municipal Department for Education and Welfare, spoke about the importance of Conservation. He also apologized for the Mayor, Meir Cohen, and for the Deputy Mayor, Eli Bronstein, who organized and implemented environmental project in the Municipality and is the chairman of the Municipal Committee on the Environment. Both of them were that same evening in Tel-Aviv receiving the Green Globes Award for the Municipality. With Gil Shitrit, student at "Zinman" School, acting as the master of ceremony, Eden Gozlan performed an enjoyable Stand-Up and Gal Cohen lectured on Global Warming.
At the end – the climax that everyone waited for: "Planet Earth Hour" –LIGHTS OUT! At exactly 20:30 Moshe Nahum turned all the lights out in the Center and the singer Orit Harush performed by candle light. After that everyone went outside in the dark with Chinese lights lighting their way.
On the National scene, five cities in Israel participated in Planet Earth Day. Dimona, together with Tel-Aviv, was in 3rd place for percentage of LIGHTS OUT – a nice reward which we were all proud of and warmed our hearts, filling us with hope that awareness so evident among the residents of Dimona will become part of our life all over Israel.
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