Negev Sustainable Development Association (Hebrew: Negev Bar Kaima) was founded in 1998 with the aim of consolidating principles for sustainable planning and development for the Negev region in Israel. These principles are implemented through dialogue between the public and decision makers.
The organization strives to improve the Negev's environmental conditions, increase public awareness towards the region's natural resources and reducing environmental and health hazards.

The main region of activity is the southern part of Israel, but the Association helps and works with other organizations nationwide and worldwide on sustainable environmental projects. 

The concept of "sustainable development" was coined by the Brundtland Commission in its report titled "Our Common Future" which was published in 1987.  The Commission was appointed by the UN Secretary General following the UN General Assembly's realization that the growing population exerts heavy pressure on the environment. To rally countries to work and pursue sustainable development together, the UN established the Commission. According to the new concept, every development, vital as it is, should be administered in a way that will not endanger the natural environment. 

Negev Sustainable Development Association initiates and activates actions in various sectors, of which purpose is to increase environmental awareness. Programs include courses for teachers and the public sector, public media, CAP (Community Advisory Panel) meetings, and activities within the formal and informal educational sectors. Since 2008, the Association grants the Negev Award for Special Environmental Activity to individuals and organizations who excelled in environmental conservations activities in the Negev.

Throughout the years, the Association received national awards, including the Knesset award for Life Quality and the President's Volunteers' Award.
The people who work at the Association are all university educated in the environmental and educational fields from the Jewish and Beduin sectors. The Association is administered by a Board of which members are from the engineering, educational, physics and environmental field
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