Bridging the Caps

 Community Advisory Panels in Israel
 September 12, 2004

The Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Society (within the Manufacturers' Association of Israel) involved in Responsible Care in Israel since 2001. For the last four years a special effort was made to communicate Responsible Care to the general public and the community. Leading CEOs of our Industry had realized that speaking with stakeholders in the manner of transparency is their best way to eliminate disinformation, mistrust and hostility.

Due to mutual initiative both of the Society and the Sustainable Development for the Negev (leading NGO in the Negev desert region in the southern part of Israel), it was decided to establish CAPs between the major Chemical producers that have impact on the environment, and various stakeholders. The majority of the Chemical Industry in Israel, including Ramat Hovav industrial zone (main Chemical Industry cluster) is located in the Negev desert region. By-now there are Nine CAPs in different stages of activity in the Negev desert region.

The first Israeli CAP was initiated in the Bromine Compounds plant in Ramat Hovav – a leading manufacturer of bromine-based performance chemicals, with over 70 bromine derivatives, accounting for more than 30% of global bromine compounds production (a subsidiary of Israel Chemicals Ltd, and part of Dead Sea Bromine Group, today's world's largest producer of elemental bromine).

The Bromine Compounds CAP is operative for over a year. Among CAP members are plant manager, RC coordinator, Society for Protection of the Nature representative, neighboring communities representatives, and observers from both the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Society and the Sustainable Development for the Negev. The CAP employs an independent facilitator and it meets regularly every two months. The main activities were the formation of CAP's charter and by-laws, plant tour, discussions on issues as company's dealing with air pollution, effluents, preparedness for hazardous materials incidents, company's image in the view of the nearby residents and the general public and others.

We believe that only a direct dialogue without prejudices is able to create mutual trust between industry and the public. This generated dynamics eventually will make our communities stronger and safer.
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